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Alternatives to RapidWeaver

RapidWeaver has been built to suit the web design needs of Mac users, boasting a wealth of customisable options and opportunities to create stunning websites. The contributions from the community, such as the creation of add-ons, plug-ins, and themes, help to make the web design program very flexible and able to suit the needs of all.

If however, you feel that RapidWeaver isn’t best suited to your needs, you don’t want to pay for the additional community add-ons, or don’t own a Mac, there are still many top-rated web design programs available for you to try.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Few web design programs have stood the test of time as well as Adobe Dreamweaver, which many people will remember as their first vessel into the realm of website building. Many still see Adobe Dreamweaver as the industry standard as it is an incredibly powerful tool. It may not be as pretty or slick as other platforms, but it has all of the options and functions for you to build a top-class website while being surprisingly straight-forward and user-friendly.

wix website builder


In discussions about web design platforms, Wix will often by weighed-in as one of the very best around. Everything is customisable, it’s very easy and intuitive to use, and it makes the whole process of creating a great website as easy as possible. While its community bolsters RapidWeaver, Wix has an app market of hundreds of apps that can be used to enhance your Wix website.


While not as snazzy or visually appealing as the other entries on this list, Bluefish has been created as a good way for beginners and novices to learn the fundamentals of web design. The incredibly quick and lightweight tool features prominent toolbars to ease newcomers through the process. However, Bluefish is a text-only program, and it’s this lack of a visual interface which might put some people off of the easy-to-use tool.

bluefish editor
net objects

Net Objects

Net Objects has gone for a cover all bases strategy in order to offer a website building solution for everyone. NetObjects Fusion is billed as the all-in-one platform for those looking to build their own website. With its aesthetically pleasing layout and the wide range of features, it’s a strong program for web designers of all experiences. NetObjects Fusion Essentials is the software provider’s way of offering a lighter version of their platform for free. It doesn’t come with all of the elements that their full-priced programs boast, but it does have all of the key components needed to build a website and utilises very user-friendly drag and drop functions. NetObjects Mosaic is the online application offering of the mobile web building software. Very easy to use, you can build a mobile website in a short space of time, especially if you already have some experience in web design.


Another very highly-rated web design platform is GoDaddy, with their unique tools making them stand out from the crowd. They boast a good range of templates, all of which are customisable, and it’s very easy to integrate key elements such as social media feeds. The program is simple in its design, easy to pick up, and fairly deep in customisable options, making it a strong tool for all web designers.

godaddy website builder


Macaw has been created with web design novices in mind, more specifically, those who don’t know how to code by hand. Like RapidWeaver, it’s a found a dedicated following of website builders thanks to the lack of coding required. One of the most helpful elements of this web builder is that it shows you the real-time updates that you make: allowing beginners to deploy a trial and error method. There are plenty of tutorial videos to help you to learn the ways of Macaw and then you should be all set to make the most of this very novice-friendly software.

RapidWeaver is a great program bolstered by an ocean of customisable options, add-ons, plug-ins, and themes, but if the Apple-only software isn’t for you, there are plenty of other options. Adobe Dreamweaver is one of the most trusted of those above, while Wix and GoDaddy have emerged in recent times as other top-class options for web designers.

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Alternatives to RapidWeaver

If you feel that RapidWeaver isn’t best suited to your needs

Don't worry, there are still many top-rated web design programs available for you to try.

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