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If you want to bring another level of style to your RapidWeaver website design, you’ll most likely want to utilise some of the many modules created by the Realmac community.

There are many great modules available to everyone to buy and deploy, but certain downloads have become more popular than others, sought for the many options that they offer their users. The core of many recent Style Modules consisted of the stacks of Big White Duck and the use of Joe Workman’s Foundation, which combined to deliver a module of huge potential for incredible web designs.

Some of the biggest modules now are the Maximal Design Style Modules. Boasting a grand range of customisable aspects, allowing other Weavers to create websites that suit their needs, the Maximal Design Modules are fully responsive and individually styled. These modules have been made with intermediate or expert RapidWeaver users in mind as they offer the chance to learn some of the more advanced design techniques via experimentation.

Found on the RapidWeaver Central website, there are two very well-received sets of modules available for people to utilise, with each set or bundle available to enhance the user’s web design potential.

Duck Soup has been credited as a top-quality, magazine-style design that suits designers down to a tee. Made up of Chico, Groucho, Gummo, Harpo, and Zeppo, the Duck Soup bundle is a popular module for Weavers who want to add another element of style to their website with ease. These modules are comprised of Big White Duck stacks, including Chroma, Header Pro, Sections Pro, Blueprint, Bevel, Sections Box, Paragraph Pro, and Button Plus 2.

Quantum Edge is a very exciting module, comprised of five almighty module packs which can come separately or as a bundle. The modules of Qubit, Subshell, Azimuth, Subshell, and Orbital have been created to save experienced users of RapidWeaver some time while delivering the tools for them to create superb websites.

Users have praised the module bundles for their time-saving ability and the range of creativity available which allows them to build original, modern, and stylish websites. As each module has its own style, it’s a good idea to go through the descriptions and the stacks used to see if the design options will suit the type of website that you’re trying to design. Equally, you could use one of these creative modules to enable your website to stand out among others offering similar information or a similar service.

There are many different modules designed by the RapidWeaver community, with information on different sets and bundles put out onto the Realmac Software forums. Simply use the search engine at the top of the page to navigate your way to a module set that will suit your needs or uses stacks that you like to deploy.

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